Dirk Matthews

Film Instructor . Filmmaker . Photographer


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Dirk graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Science from the Film & Video Department and has worked in the film industry in various capacities, including DP, producer, director, and editor on multiple projects.

In addition to his work in the film industry, Dirk studied psychology and received his counseling certification in the State of Arizona. After a period of time as co-director of a treatment facility, he returned to the Midwest to teach as an adjunct instructor in the Cinema Art + Science Department at Columbia. This led to him working as the Internship Coordinator for the department prior to co-founding the Portfolio Center, now known as the Career Center.

Dirk is the Associate Director of the Career Center and recently, he completed his Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certification through the National Career Development Association. In his role at the Career Center, he leads the Industry Engagement team and oversees outcomes tracking. He has presented about portfolios and career development internationally. Recently he co-authored a chapter in Michael Rabiger’s Directing the Documentary, supporting documentary students in their search for employment. When not at work, Dirk is an architectural photographer and has been published online for Architectural Digest. View Dirk’s photography through the link to his website.

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