Nicole Char

Fashion Business student

My name is Nicole Char and I'm currently majoring in Fashion Business at Columbia College Chicago. My native language is Spanish but I'm fluent in English as well. At the moment I'm a freshman searching for opportunities to expand my working experience. Gathering knowledge from multiple fields related to the fashion industry. I work really well in groups, listening to others ideas is my top priority. Most of the time I like to take the lead and organize everyone’s ideas into a single concept. I’m extremely organized, determined, and motivated when it comes to my responsibilities. I like to get things done right away and in maximum perfection. I work really well with my hands and with computer applications like excel. My goal is to work as a buyer in any retail store, I would love to work as a buyer at a boutique called Intermix. I love to research current and upcoming trends in the fashion industry, realizing what are the products that the customer will buy and is looking for. 

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