Lily Zhang

Fashion designer

Hello, everyone. I am an international student comes from China. I major in Fashion design and this is my second year in Columbia. I am good at making the handcraft and sewing. I specially interested in the fashion styling and design thus I want use all my power into my future design pieces. I have worked on some piece to mix my handcraft into the design pieces. I have find a lot of fun doing that. And I also enjoy doing the fashion styling with other peoples. I remember in my high school year, every time when our school have the dacing I will go help my friends to do their stylings, makeup, hairstyle...etc. I have a good time with it. For my future, I hope I can continues using my handcraft into my design pieces and I wish I would have my own little studio and helping people doing their styling designs. If you are interest about me, I have some work pieces in my portfolio work. Thank you!

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