Sasha Kovacs-Johnson

Post Production Editor

My name is Sasha Kovacs-Johnson, and I am studying Cinema Arts & Sciences. I have an interest in the production of films from the creation of the concept to the final editing. I like to encorporate other forms of art within film, one of the most important to me is music. I have studied Music Theory, and believe that it is a key aspect in getting an audience to feel a certain emotion, and I hope to develop a way to pair the two properly.

I have experience on set in the Art Department as an Art Director and a Set Decorator for graduate films and student films. Though my personal preference is Post Production, digesting the visuals and finally choosing the overall tone that the story will be told in. To work in film is to work with others and to appreciate what others have to offer so I have made it a goal to learn a bit about what every position has to offer.

Featured Work