Ariel Freeman

Storyboarding, Character Design, Animation, Illustration, Writer, Director,

I am a Junior at Columbia and I design and write original characters and stories, as well as work on collabrative projects with other artists. Primarily, I work with storyboards, illustrations, and animation.  During my time as a film animation major, I have gained experience with live action and animated projects.I have also storyboarded in a couple of student films.

I would love to one day create, write, and direct my own shows and movies. I enjoy collaborating with others on projects, as I believe utilizing different skills and perectives help to create the best work. My editing experience includes using programs such as Final Cut Pro as well as iMovie (though I am no editor, I believe in the importaince of learning different skills!). I love working with all kinds of people doing all different kinds of films. 

I have skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Maya, and Google products. I also use Storyboard pro.

Let me know if you want me to join your team.

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