Leah Zeiger

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher

Since the age of 6, Leah has been working toward her dream of becoming a professional dancer. She has trained with Pointe by Pointe Dance Studio and Pasadena Academy of Music and Dance, and has thoroughly enjoyed four years in Tiger Dance Company at South Pasadena High School. She has also worked closely with choreographers Maria DelBagno, Victoria Brown, Monique Friedl, Janina Garraway, Neil Shwartz and Milo Levell. Over the years, she has developed a keen enthusiasm for choreography. She enjoys blending hip-hop, jazz, and lyrical to create unique pieces, and loves to stylize choreography to fit the hidden instruments and subtle beats of the music.
Being vice president her sophomore year and president her junior and senior year of Tiger Dance Company has given her the experience needed to lead the group, as well as the passion needed to inspire them. Leah draws from personal life experiences, as well as those of her close friends and family, to inspire her choreography and further her artistic abilities.
Leah will is continuing her dance training at Columbia College Chicago, where she will earn a BFA in Choreography, and will eventually become a professional performer and choreographer. Her ultimate goal is to choreograph for her own company, which will travel to schools and put on performances, workshops, and conventions centered around the dangers of abusive relationships amongst young children. She is very invested in this cause, and is eager to spread awareness about the awful reality of abusive relationships that is rampant in our society.
Leah is passionate about teaching, especially children. Teaching is where she feels dance is most awakened in the body and is where dance can easily flourish in the minds and bodies of young dancers. Leah commands an aura of respect while simultaneously becoming a companion to her students. She believes that dance is a powerful healing gift that cannot be kept a secret, and teaching is her way of sharing it.