Carmarry Hall

Hip Hop dance

I am a skilled Hip Hop dancer specializing in Breaking and improvisation. In fact, over the past couple of years I have won countless competitions and taught a handful of workshops concerning Breaking and freestyling. Even more, I am also trained in ballet, modern, and W.African. 


Still, dancing is not my only skill. I am now practcing the following things:

  • event managment / coordination

  • wed design

  • video editing

  • information management

  • touring

Beyond what I am currently working on, I am also interesting in organizing vendor events. Therefore if you or anyone you know sells merchandise tell me about it. I would like to include you in my events. This is especially specific to those of you who are influenced by or heavily involved in Hip Hop. That may include music, dance, fashion, visual art, and so forth. As a starting point in this vision I am promoting vendors at Hip Hop jams where the dancer compete. Vendors in this setting is not unusual but promoters usually dont reach out to vendors to inform them of opportunities. Usually vendors will contact promoters and ask for space to sell their merchandise. I however, have been succesful in connecting new vendors to this market but in near future I will be broadening the scope with the intention of expanding the reach of Hip Hop entrepreneurs. 

Featured Work