Anastasia A Tsopelas

Early Childhood Educator

I am a recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago where I received a BA in Early Childhood Education. For the past four years, I have studied the Reggio Emilia educational approach that focuses on educating the child as a whole and have developed a concentration in acting. Using acting in the classroom has given me the opportunity to get a different perspective of the children and their backgrounds that includes ethics, values and culture. Through this program, I have been given opportunities to observe and become a part of infant, toddler, and preschool classrooms as an assistant teacher. This experience has inspired my educational philosophy and continues to encourage me to reflect on the relationships I have with my students.

When I think of early childhood education, I regularly think of how uninfluenced the minds of children stand, how innocent they are and how their nature of being is to explore and learn about the world around them. I have grown up perceiving the world depending on the environment that was around me and this is a familiarity that I feel that all children have a right to experience.


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