Liam Garner

Animator, Illustrator

My name is Liam, and I'm an animation student and painter/illustrator from Chicago.

There are spaces between things, silences between notes, air between objects, breaths between melodies, spaces between the drawings to create motion, and I'm not sure if I'm making the spaces to set off the objects or the objects to set off the spaces. I'm fascinated by figures and spaces with the perspective turned to eleven or the gravity turned to zero, because it makes the spaces into capital-s Spaces. Animation can be as intricate as clockwork or as largo as a lake when it comes to this subject. I compulsively make things, and I'm more enamored with making the work honest than I am with making it slick and dry. The subject matter of the illustration will give more reasons for itself than anything else, the atmosphere can communicate so much more than just a drawing of a finely-rendered head and hand, except when they're useful as tools. I'm fascinated with breaking the sense of psychological closure, if not for a horror effect, then for exchanging one's social monkey brain with something more primal and reptilian.

Currently I'm making zines, painting oils and watercolors, filling sketchbooks with who I'm surrounded by, animating solo work, and trying to get as ahead of my workload as I can. I really do think homework is worth overdoing.

My ultimate goal is to art-direct films, if not direct them outright. The color scripts and color palettes, the art for films, the artistic constraints, the act of making things to be used and seen as opposed to be industrially useful... it's all intoxicating and I feel a fire in my heart just thinking of doing that.

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