Sarah Bernacki

Photographer, Musician

The world of art is truly one of endless possibilities. Create things and call them art, destroy things and call them art; the world is yours to shape as you see fit. I am currently working towards a major in Audio Arts & Acoustics with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship . I've had a passion for photography and music for quite a number of years and am always looking for new experiences and opportunities to work with either medium.  I am looking to collaborate with other artists as well as take on some freelance or regular work. I'm up to any challenge, so bring it on! 



Head Shots (For that big audition you have coming up!)

Event photography (concerts, club functions, weddings, parties...)

Promotional shoots (for bands, CD covers, organizations, events, web pages...)



Experience with ProTools

Proficient in Photoshop 

Fun with Nature

This is what happens when software meets...well, not a lot of sleep and way too much sugar.