Arthur Kraus


Arthur Kraus is an east coast native and a recent graduate of Columbia College - Chicago, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Acting. Over the past nine months Arthur Kraus has performed in several feature length and short films, including Ten Four directed by Allison Anne Ramirez, and Not On My Shoulders directed by Ayesha Abouelazm. Arthur also performed in a promo video for Northwestern's 2gether Campaign directed by Chris Hietikko. Although Arthur leans more towards the direction of film and television, he never forgets his roots as a stage performer. This past summer Arthur played Krys in The Rose Theater's production of Home, written by Daniel Beaty and directed by Tyrone Beasley. During the fall of 2016 Arthur Kraus played Liam in Columbia College's USA premiere of Violence and Son directed by Paulina Strayer. During the spring of that same year Arthur played Mr. Adamson in Columbia College's USA premiere of Sequence also directed by Paulina Strayer. Arthur is always looking for new and creative works to collaborate on, and is thrilled to see what the acting world has in store for him next.

Featured Work