Danielle Colomer


Who I am today, that is a hard question to answer; and I am simply going to put this. Who I am today is a person who has that passion for what I want, and that is photography.  I had a goal for what I really want to do, but times have changed and while that goal is still there; the horizons have expanded to other goals.  The biggest goal I have is to be that next sports photographer who captures the action of the game, but also the passion of both athletes and fans.  What I can do today is continue to grow with what sports I already have shot, but also finding other sports to shoot and bringing that into my portfolio.  I also would like to step into the portrait realm of photography, as right now I tend to do more portraits for friends and family.  

It is all about expanding for me, coming out of my comfort zone and doing something different for a change.  It will all happen in time, but when it does; it will be an accomplishment for me and something memorable for someone else.

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