Tina Dennis

Educator- in Music & Early Childhood Education

  My name is Tina Bean Dennis.  Presently, I hold a Bachelor of Music Composition degree from Wheaton Conservatory of Music and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education at Columbia College Chicago.  In 2016, I had a unique opportunity to attend a Study Group conference in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  This was an eye-opening experience and it has strengthened my commitment to being a lifelong learner.  In my view, education empowers children to make important contributions to their communities and beyond.  My passion is finding what motivates students to learn and creating a welcoming environment for educational experiences.  

  My earlier careers spanned various managerial roles working in a music studio, as an instructor, and in social science research.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Music Together courses for young children along with being a Teacher Assistant at both a YMCA preschool and a preschool in Downers Grove, District 58. Currently, I am an active PTA member and I acknowledge the importance of being involved in my own children's learning.  With a positive demeanor, I strive to inspire and develop creativity and independence in children, while encouraging every family to be a part of their child's learning experiences.  I make an awesome potato salad at friend/family gatherings and enjoy lesuirely days at the beach along with an occasional family bike ride.

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