Katherine Kelly


People always look to art to take them places. Art is the catalyst for seeing, feeling, thinking-without it our lives would be very bland. As a filmmaker, my desire is to engage my audiences. I believe one of our rights on this earth is to feel. Human beings are unique in their very close attention and glorification of emotions. If I can trigger something in someone, I have done my job. Whether it is happiness, sadness, or curiosity.

Most of my films are of the more comedic nature. Why not? If I am given the passion and desire to create films, why not create them to bring joy and laughter to others? According to Wikipedia, "Laughter is used as a signal for being part of a group - it signals acceptance and positive interactions with others." We need more acceptance and positive interactions with others in this world. With my films, I want to bring more acceptance and positive interactions amongst people.

Although I have not found my focus yet in filmmaking, I am willing and looking forward to collaborate on narrative films. My main interest is production design but I am eager and willing to work in all forms of production.

Featured Work