Tyler Hathaway

Assistant Director

I'm a filmmaker and an alumni of Columbia. (Despite the "Senior" title on my profile. I've yet to figure out how to change it to "Alumni.") 
In the role of an AD, I'm experienced in short form narrative, commercial advertising and promotional productions, loose and improvistory shooting, coordinating ongoing set construction, working with extras, large company moves, and run-and-gun geurilla style shooting. I have also worked on a feature-length film in the capacity of a Production Manager. In any capacity on a film set, I've made or helped make over thirty films or videos since 2008.
As an Assistant Director, I believe it's more effective to get results on a film set with a crew that is positive and energized than one that is afraid and rushing. 
I pride myself in having the goal of the best creative end result possible as opposed to the short-sighted and sometimes detrimental goal of just keeping people on time to a rigid schedule.
My linkedin page (http://www.linkedin.com/in/tylerhathawayfilm) lists the projects I've worked on, and my full resume is available upon request. Don't hesitate to contact!

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