Caitlin Linden

comedian. improv. stand-up. sketch.

My favorite thing about interactions with other people is when I'm able to make them smile. Doing this professionally and on a large scale is my goal. With comedy: improv, stand-up, and written work, I want to present people with a reason to be happy, even for just a little while.

Having graduated from the Comedy Studies program at the Second City in Fall 2011, I've been real focused on continuing down this path. You can see me doing standup around town at various dive bars when I'm not working. And please watch out for BALLS FOREVER, my three-man improv team. I've studied at iO, and also at the Annoyance, and am excited to complete both of these programs!

I'm willing to translate myself into many artistic endeavors. Hit me up. Let's make something together.

Oh, and listen to some of my jokes on Soundcloud. You know, if you want to.

Featured Work