Bria Anderson

Student- Art & Design

Hello, I'm Bria and I'm an Art & Design major currently in my junior year. My concentration would be painting or any other form of fine arts such as drawing, sketching, ceramics, sculpture, and digitally-produced work as well. Although, I still have yet to learn more about digital work- I'm interested in seeking Graphic Design as a profession.

For all my paintings, I work from marker paper and black ink to sketch out original ideas and then I'm able to transfer the drawings onto canvas. Furthermore, my paintings and drawings are time-based and you could even say "time consuming" as I like to add as much detail as possible and work tightly within a canvas's scale.

I am very interested for any experience outside of the classroom such as internships, freelance work, or collaboration with other artists.

Please feel free to contact any time or if you are nterested in purchasing a painting, please contact me directly.

Featured Work