Kelly Kabialis!


Hello I'm Kelly Kabialis, an acting major at Columbia College. I am a hard worker, always on time, and take pride in every role I get. I love the practice and take it seriously so shoot me an email or text and let's work together!!! Check out my scenes/monologues, and performance art in my displayed work. Also check out my resume I've posted below.  KELLY D. KABIALIS Chicago, Illinois 60605 COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO – Chicago, IL; August 2011 to Present – Theater Major:    "Gone For Good" -Short dramatic filmed and written by Annie Nguyen; August 2014 “Open Mic Night”-Short film shot in the T.V department;April 2013 “Subtext Script”- Short film shot in the T.V department; April 2013 “Maidens “Prayer”- Scene directed by Max Kimble; March 2013 “Problem Child”- Scene directed by Nicolas Cunnane March 2013 "Lost"- Short film written by Maggie Nelson March 2013   “Like Yesterday"-Short comedic film written by Tracy Schatzel;November 2014  “Wolf Meadow”-Short dramatic film, shot in the TV department at Columbia; December    “B-Action Star"-Short comedic film, shot in the TV department at Columbia; December  “50/50"-Scene directed by Jeremy Hull; November 2012    "Homage Wes Anderson"-Short comedic film by Chelsea Gallagher; November 2012 "Lady Drive"-Short comedic film directed by; Esperanza Benavides; November 2012 "Strawberry Gashes" -Short horror film directed by Alexz Renteria; October 2012    "Perfect Perception" -Short dramatic film directed by Paris Smith; October 2012    "It's Over" -Short comedic film directed and written by Jack Dalton; October 2012 “Spyglass”- a collaboration of individuals creating and directing performance art pieces   in a public window (33 E. Congress Parkway) about communication and technology. The piece was entitled “Under the Influence” which was about the disgusting effect the media can have on my generation; April 2012 “Manifest” Opening ceremony. Operated giant “hand puppet”; May 2012     “Maiden’s Prayer”- Scene directed by Rick Snyder; November 2011   CHICAGO ACADEMY FOR THE ARTS (CAA) –Chicago, IL; August 2008 to May 2011- Theater Major: “The Good Person of Szechwan” – (Brecht) - Mrs. Shin, The Older One; October 2010 “Three Sisters” (Chekhov) – Natasha; February 2010 “It’s A Wonderful Life” – (Stern) – Assistant Director; December 2009 “The Violet Hour” – (Montanari) – Sound/Light Technician; February 2009  “A Christmas Carol” – (Dickens), Mrs. Fezziwig, Topper, Maid; December 2008 THE CHICAGO DRAMATIST THEATER – INTERNSHIP; Chicago, IL; September 2010 to June 2011 THE CHICAGO DRAMATIST THEATER – “Saturday Series” 2010- Readings directed by Illesea Duncan THE GOODMAN THEATRE’S YOUNG CRITICS PROGRAM – Chicago, IL; October 2009 to May 2010 PIVEN THEATER WORKSHOP – Evanston, IL; July 2010  “Comedia del’Arte” Intensive THEATER OF WESTERN SPRINGS – “Pride’s Crossing”– Role of Minty Renoir; May 2000  

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