Jordan Reinwald

Dance Performance, Written Poetry, Choreography, Modeling

I strive, in my dancing, to combine the dynamic flow and experimentation of modern dance with the precision and lift of ballet aesthetics. As a heavily trained Balanchine ballet dancer, I have a passion for beautiful contemporary lines. In conjunction with these lines, I have found a freedom in my work through modern dance. I have recently begun working with Hedwig Dances, and I have found a new love for the physicality of their work. I hope to find a good mesh of all of these techniques find a way out of the "ballet box" while still maintaining my years of technical training.

When I create work, I seek movement that is highly physical. The interaction between the dancers on the stage is the single most important aspect of my ideas. The dancers must be connected to the work at all times, through each other. I believe in small, gestural movements that show vulnerability in a very real, pedestrian sort of way, similar to how people react to heavy emotions in their day-to-day lives. When a dancer is vulnerable on stage, it allows the audience to connect to them as a human, not simply a performer, or a dancer. In addition, I am a strong believer that dancers have ideas and thoughts and it is important for them to express these to their audience through words as well as dance. Dancers are not simply movement machines, they are humans.

The passion I have for the work that I do is unmatched by most. I know this is a large statement to be made by such a young dancer however, it is my hope that this passion shows in all aspects of my work. I hope to leave an audience feeling out of breath. My work, if nothing else, should always feel like a piece of news you are hearing for the first time, but could probably recite in your sleep.

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