Lola Ogbara

Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist, I pride myself on bringing focus to the human form. I choose to explore sexuality, specifically in the bodies of people of color. In particular, the versatility of femininity and Black femme existence has streamlined my interest. Throughout my sculpture, paintings and illustrations, I gravitate towards a more literal and abstract representation of the female aesthetic. Using sculpture as a material, it brings about a fragility that is needed in this work. I celebrate vulnerability sometimes using my own body as a source of material and am most interested in social standards, body stereotypes, social observance, and activism as it pertains to the body.

In my mixed media work, using a wide range of materials (i.e. photography, botanical features, clippings, drawings, printmaking, etc.), I emphasize on the formality of individuals living and functioning within any one city. Struggle, insecurity, fluctuation, classicism, and inequality are captured throughout many of my photographic portraits and juxtapose life's luxuries and life's realities.

Featured Work