Mark Child

Voice Actor, Actor, Radio Producer, Other things...

Skills; Voiceover, acting, Writing (fiction, non fiction, stand up comedy), audio production (Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Reaper), Radio producing and editing.

I've been acting since I was in high school, and came to Columbia College Chicago in Fall 2009. When I got there, I discovered the Radio department, which had classes specifically aimed at doing Voice-over work. I quickly got involved and have spent a great of my time at Columbia doing acting for animation, audio drama, film, plays, and more. As a Radio major, I also learned audio production and how to create, record, wrote and produce material for both myself and for the school. I even made a few promos and commercials for Columbia's Radio Station, WCRX. I aqlso honed my writing skills in the department and wrote. I eventually want to take my career to Los Angeles and do voice acting for animation with my general acting, radio and writing experiences as a backdrop.

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