Branding: Jewel Osco Rebranding Project

by Brian Mayzure

The task was to find a retail brand and complete a total rebrand of all collateral. I chose the Chicagoland grocery store/drug store combo Jewel Osco. Their current logo was introduced in 1980 and, with very few updates, has been in continuous use since then.

Using the keywords of quality, value, historic, and trusted, I based my design on a classic logo from its founding in 1899 as the Jewel Tea Company. I chose the typeface LHF Workhorse for its classic-yet-contemporary look. I originally went in the direction of a circle device as a throwback to the original logo, but eventually moved to an oval shaped device that had been used in the 1950s and 1960s, and more recently has been reincorporated into the current logo.

The result, I feel, gives a contemporary-yet-classic feel to the grocery chain while retaining many elements of its brand equity, making it easily recognizable to shoppers in the Chicagoland area that have come to know and trust the brand.