Madeleine Noonan

Graphic Design

I am a graphic design student graduating in May with a passion for layout design and branding identity. I really value really getting to know clients' needs and collecting as much research as possible at the onset of a project to meticulously create solution-based designs. I think design is a great way to merge different interests and disciplines, and part of its appeal is the chance to immerse msyelf in new subjects and perspectives. For a long time I felt really trapped trying to choose between my interests in writing, optics, marketing, psychology, film, and food, but ultimately discovered design as a way to bring those interests together.

Right now I'm on a vigorous search for employment and internship opportunities, but also really want to collaborrate on interdisciplinary projects while I'm still at Columbia.


Let's work together! Follow the link below to see some of my work.  




Photo credit: Terry Travasso


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