Madeleine Noonan

Graphic Design

Madeleine is a graphic design student graduating with a BFA in May. Her professional design experience paired with a background in customer service has prepped for a promising full-time career in design. Her passions lie in publication design and branding.

In 2016 she completed an internship at a boutique integrated marketing company where she held a large portion of responsibility as one of only two designers working with their PR team. Her involvement stretched beyond design to brainstorming marketing and PR solutions and creating social media content. As she completes her education she is doing contracted design projects for a client she acquired after designing a new identity for his company during a branding course. She is also currently designing an identity for an interior architecture exhibit featuring designs for a teen center at the Broadway Armory.

Madeleine is currently seeking full time internship and employment opportunities.

Photo credit: Terry Travasso


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