Hannah Santistevan

Dance is the artistic and bodily expression of emotion and passion.

**My name is Hannah Michal Santistevan. I am from Denver, Colorado, and I lived there for 18 years. I began dance at age 5, and from the first class I took, I knew that dance was my destiny. I have decided to pursue dance at Columbia College Chicago as a dance making major. My education as far as dance is vast. I have trained in Ballet and Tap for 13 years, I have trained in jazz and hip hop for 11 years, and I have trained in Modern, African, and various styles of spanish dance for 7 years. In sixth grade I began my education at Denver School of the Arts as a dance major. The program was rigorous, balancing your major and your academic education. I danced in a competitive company for about 8 years, and towards the end of my competitive dancing life, I began to realize that dance was more than just a competition. DSA opened my eyes to the true artistry of dance, and that it is a mere self expression of the human body and emotion. I experiment a lot with improvisation of all kinds these days and do a lot of student choreo for my old dance studio. I teach dance classes in various styles as well. I have experienced numerous work environments, and justifiably, I can say that dance is where I belong, and is where I prosper most. Take a look at my Portfolio Work if you'd like, and the link to my YouTube channel.**

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