Louis Hayes

Illustrator/Experimental Animator

I'm a surreal/psychedelic illustrator and animator with a pretty huge love affair for folklore, ritualism, the unknown, and the occult. My drawing style is influenced by my all of my interests and obsessions: medieval woodcuts, French Sci-Fi from the 70's, Gustav Klimt and the symbolist painters, religious iconography, experimental Czech filmmakers, offbeat comic art, J-horror... it's a long list. A good chunk of my work might be a bit disturbing, but I always try to use grotesque imagery in an elegant, tragic sort of way rather than just for shock value. In my video art I like to mix medias and incorporate lots of different textures over animation to give it a unique look, and I'm really into making puppets and doing stop motion as well. In the future I hope to make animated music videos professionally, so I'd love to collaborate with sound design students and musicians who would be interested in creating something together. If you're looking for someone to design you a killer event poster, illustrate your spooky ghost story, or draw you something that will freak your parents out, I'm also your man. I can also draw graphic designy, cute, non-creepy stuff if that's what you want, but you're not lame enough to actually want that sort of thing, are you?

Featured Work